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WIRE GLUE conductive adhesive

WireGlue uses micro-carbon technology to give you a highly conductive adhesive. It is lead-free and requires no heat. Simply apply the glue straight from the pot with a small brush or even a tooth-pick for those tiny jobs and leave to cure overnight. You make an electrical connection at the same time as mechanically bonding the components together.

With Wire Glue you can easily make connections to aluminium, stainless steel and other metals which are difficult to solder.

Lasts for ages in the pot.

* Lead Free
* Simple: One Easy Step
* Reliable: Permanent Bond
* Highly Conductive
* For Both AC and DC Circuits
* Quick and Easy Repairs

* Surface Mount
* Computer Repair
* Battery Connections
* Connector Repair
* Solar Cell Leads
* RF Shielding

Contents: 1 x 9ml pot 

 Ref: CDT0353 | Price: £5.99 |


You will not believe this incredible offer!!!! This kit contains not only a 30W soldering Iron but also Soldering iron holder with sponge. Desolder pump. Tube of solder at an amazing price while stocks last. 
 Ref: ST749939 | Price: £4.99 |

Low Voltage Digital Solder Station

This high quality soldering station controls the tip temperature between 150 degrees C and 480 degrees C. The digital readout allows you to set the desired temperature on the LED display and the sensing system in the heating element allows the station to control the temperature within +/- 6 degrees C via a 24V transformer. Earthed tip for soldering static sensitive circuits with auxillary grounding terminal. Overheat protection. Soldering Iron rest can be placed on the left or right hand side of the base to suit your requirements. The balanced soldering iron has a fine tip, ceramic heating element, a special non-slip grip and a 1.1m heat resistant silicone cable. 
 Ref: ST703050 | Price: £59.99 |

Long life tips for 48W soldering station

LONG LIFE TIPS: For 48W soldering station size: 0.5mm. This is the tip supplied with the Soldering station. 
 Ref: ST703060 | Price: £2.50 |

Long life tips for 48W soldering station

LONG LIFE TIPS: For 48W soldering station size: 3.0mm chisel point. 
 Ref: ST703061 | Price: £2.50 |

Long life tips for 48W soldering station

LONG LIFE TIPS: For 48W soldering station size: 0.5mm with narrow point. 
 Ref: ST703064 | Price: £2.50 |

Antex Soldering Iron. Model CS-18

Model CS-18. 18 Watt Antex Soldering Iron fitted with No. 1100 tip. 240V fitted with UK mains plug 
 Ref: AN0003 | Price: £19.00 |

Model ST6 Soldering Iron Stand.

Model ST6. Suitable for all Antex Irons. Includes slip resistant feet or can be screwed down for permanent fixing. 
 Ref: AN0009 | Price: £8.00 |

Model ST4 soldering iron stand.

Suitable for ALL Antex soldering irons. The model ST4 stand includes slip resistant feet or can be screwed down for permanent fixing. 
 Ref: AN0008 | Price: £6.00 |


This 230V iron comes complete with a tip with a 1mm point, 1.2 meters of cable and UK mains plug. A budget soldering iron ideal for the hobbyist and many small domestic or electrical soldering applications. 
 Ref: ST700744 | Price: £5.50 |


A very useful Soldering iron stand suitable for various smaller irons complete with cleaning sponge. 
 Ref: ST700785 | Price: £4.95 |

Desolder pump. Mini

Desolder pump. Mini Desolder pump. 
 Ref: AN0010 | Price: £6.00 |


A metal bodied desoldering pump. Light in weight but powerful. Ideal for repair work. 
 Ref: ST700988 | Price: £3.15 |

SOLDERING FLUX. 25gm bottle

SOLDERING FLUX. 25gm bottle of flux for silver solder. Effective range 500-800 C. 
 Ref: CDT0097 | Price: £5.99 |


30g of solder flux for use when soldering to avoid dry joints through oxidization. In a metal tin for easy storage. 
 Ref: CDT0376 | Price: £2.20 |

1.5mm SOLDER WICK, 1.5m LONG

1.5m long. Specially impregnated wick draws up molten solder leaving the joint clean and ready for resoldering. 1.5mm braid. 
 Ref: CDT0266 | Price: £1.25 |

3mm SOLDER WICK, 1.5m long

1.5m long. Specially impregnated wick draws up molten solder leaving the joint clean and ready for resoldering. 3mm Braid. 
 Ref: CDT0267 | Price: £1.25 |


Use these aluminium tweezers when soldering sensitive components. Self closing tweezers 90mm long overall. 
 Ref: Q0872 | Price: £0.99 |

MULTICORE SOLDERr 500gm reel, 18 SWG

Multicore Solder - 60% tin / 40% lead. 500gm roll, 18 SWG. 
 Ref: TL9953 | Price: £21.90 |

MULTICORE SOLDER 500gm reel, 22 SWG.

Multicore Solder - 60% tin / 40% lead. 500gm roll, 22 SWG. 
 Ref: TL9954 | Price: £22.50 |


Multicore Solder - 60% tin / 40% lead. 17gm tub, 18 SWG. 
 Ref: TL9955 | Price: £1.99 |


HIGH GRADE 60/40 SOLDER CONTAINING FLUX. Gauge 22swg - weight 100g 60% Tin /40% lead solder. 
 Ref: TL9991 | Price: £4.10 |

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