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Tyre Inflation Valve for pressure systems. Use a footpump or hand pump to pressurise your air system. Like the standard "Schrader" bicycle tyre valve but with a 1/4" BSP thread on one end so you can screw it into a pipe fitting. There is a sealing O-ring to ensure a pressure tight joint. As a safety feature if the valve is unscrewed it will vent the air from the system through 2 slots before there is any danger of the valve flying out. Nickel plated finish. 
 Ref: Q1015 | Price: £4.50 |

Pneumatic Cylinder. PAEA123225.

Telemecanique part number PAEA123225.
32mm bore, 25mm stroke. Piston rod 12mm x M10. Was £38.00. 

 Ref: Q9010 | Price: £28.50 |

Pneumatic Cylinder.PAEA128080.

Telemecanique part number PAEA128080.
80mm bore, 80mm stroke. Piston rod 25mm x M20. Was £84.00. 

 Ref: Q9012 | Price: £63.00 |

Pneumatic Cylinder. PAEA1280160

Telemecanique part number PAEA1280160. 80mm bore, 160mm stroke. Piston rod 25mm x M20. Was £90.00. 
 Ref: Q9013 | Price: £67.50 |

Pneumatic Cylinder. AEA1210080

Telemecanique part number AEA1210080.
100mm bore, 80mm stroke. Piston rod 25mm x M20. Was £111.00. 

 Ref: Q9014 | Price: £83.25 |

Pneumatic Cylinder. AEA12100160

Telemecanique part number AEA12100160. 100mm bore, 160mm stroke. Piston rod 25mm x M20. Was £120.00. 
 Ref: Q9015 | Price: £90.00 |

Pneumatic Cylinder. ADE1201225

Telemecanique part number ADE1201225.
12mm bore, 25mm stroke. Piston rod 6mm x M6. 

 Ref: Q9017 | Price: £13.00 |

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